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Cultural and artistic events

dace-melnbarde-janis-dripe.pngWe provide creative, conceptual, technical and financial solutions for events, as well as organising public relations and advertising campaigns.

Completed projects


Latvian presidency of the Council of the European Union — the cultural programme

We participated in the project tender for the cultural programme and external diplomatic projects, and were selected to produce 50 different cultural events in Riga, Brussels, France, Luxembourg, Italy, and the United Kingdom. We organised concerts, exhibitions, artists’ exchange trips and various special events. (2015)

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Participation of Latvia at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice biennale (La Biennale di Venezia)

In 2013 we teamed up with the architectural firm NRJA to help them realise their idea for the project "Unwritten" (Neuzrakstītā grāmata). After winning the competition organised by the Latvian Association of Architects, it resulted in a catalogue and an exposition at the Venice Arsenal on the perception, research, and preservation of the Latvian post-war architecture. In 2015, the catalogue was nominated at the book art competition organised by the Latvian Publishers’ Association “Zelta ābele 2014”, in the category “Reference publication”. (2014).

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LABADABA DO – international adventure camp for children’s and youth

In 2007, the entrepreneur and athlete Māris Saukāns came up with an idea of a camp LABADABA (GOOD NATURE) to spend time together with his own and friends’ children in an interesting and practical environment. When Māris went to create a website he discovered that there is a festival with the same name that we organise. When we met up, we discovered that we had come up with the same name nearly simultaneously, and even the colours of the logos were identical. Now we participate in the organisation process every year and we have formed a common vision of the future development of the LABADABA concept, along with developing a fruitful friendship. The camp has grown significantly — from ten participants to a hundred, and it nurtures long-term plans, too. Click here to visit the camp website. (since 2008)

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Participation of Latvia at the 52nd Venice Art Biennale

The curator Ieva Kalniņa approached us to jointly produce and to submit the project of the artist Gints Gabrāns “Parallel space” at the open competition of the Ministry of Culture to gain the rights to represent the Republic of Latvia at the 52nd Venice Art Biennale.

We submitted all the necessary documents and won the competition. A catalogue was created along with an exposition at the historical centre of Venice — Scuoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS Sacramento, Campo Bandiera e Moro, Castello 3790. (2007)

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This jumpstarted successful co-operation with the artist Gints Gabrāns, to be followed by many other mutual projects.

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  • Solo exhibition in Paris “Out of nowhere”, 2015
  • Exhibition “Photon*paintings”, 2009
  • Participation in the White Night forum in Riga and Paris, installation “Not a wave, not a corpuscle. Going through walls”, 2008
  • Solo exhibition “Parallel space II. Crystals", at the opening of the Riga Art Space 2007
  • and others.


White Night Modern cultural forum

Two years in a row we were entrusted with the production of White Night, the then newly started project of the Department of Culture and Sport of the Riga City Council. The idea to invite the public to enjoy events of contemporary culture throughout the night was borrowed from Paris, where the White Night festival has been taking place for 13 years already and has grown to become a traditional event that has earned the undivided support of Parisians and visitors to the city alike. And like Parisians, we associate White Night with the French phrase “I had a white night” — a busy and creative night of no sleep. 


Since 2002, when the first White Night took place in Paris, it has inspired ever more cities to organise their own White Night festivals. Now Brussels, Rome, Madrid, Bucharest, Montreal, Toronto and Riga offer everyone a chance to spend a sleepless night in late summer or early autumn discovering and capturing the urban environment with the help of contemporary culture. (2006 and 2007)

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