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Client events

sadarbiba-ar-klientiem.pngWe organise corporate and private events of various types:

Anniversaries, festivities, balls, sport and active recreation, motivation-building, seminars and conferences, presentations, marketing activities, B2B events, etc.

Attitude, experience & competences

We are driven by a positive, stimulating, supporting, excitement-filled and creative attitude. Professionalism, rapid response, reliability and trustworthiness are our hallmarks.

We are enthusiastic about creating ideas, conjuring up visions and concepts.

We draw strength from more than 10 years of experience, in-depth practical and theoretical understanding of event planning.

What helps us: a versatile field of activities, knowledge in the areas of marketing and public relations.

We experience joy from a process of careful development and diligent implementation.

We feel satisfaction from the enjoyment of seeing smiling, happy, satisfied clients and co-operation partners.

Completed projects


Pareizā Ķīmija

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    Riga, LV-1001, Latvia