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Chemical experiments

festivals-laba-daba.pngBringing our own ideas to life

Ideas that our team generates turn into special events. Some ideas have even morphed into traditions — annual events — and attracted loyal circles of visitors.




ЯRmarka — an exhibition-sale-charity campaign offering the artworks of students of the Art Academy of Latvia. www.jarmarka.org (since 2003)

The idea originated from a simple observation —  that students of the Art Academy of Latvia keep accumulating works they make during their classes, storing them on tops of wardrobes, under beds and in garages.


LABA DABA — international music festival.  www.labadaba.lv (since 2006)

The idea for the festival came when listening to the rhythms of the reggae and ska bands Voiceks Voiska and Kuchen Beat during a performance at the Limonāde (Lemonade) open-air childhood festival that we organised.

(In 2014, at the award ceremony of the Latvian Association of Event Producers, the festival LABA DABA was recognised as the best large public event in Latvia. www.pasakumi.lv)


Vertical tram route — part of the White Night contemporary culture forum. www.baltanakts.lv (2007 and 2008)

The idea was born while riding in a tram and thinking of ways to make the time spent commuting more exciting and to promote the use of public transport.


Circus in courtyards — a show of new talents called Urban saga (Urbānā sāga) in Riga courtyards. (2006) Click here to go to the project website.

The idea originated thanks to our ex-colleague Ginta Ernštreite. Once, as she was observing the courtyard through a window, she thought: it would be quite nice if all of a sudden a circus entered the courtyard and started performing.


Lemonade — a partly open-air event held as part of the Riga City Festival at the Culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA (2005)

The idea was born when thinking about how adults, who stuck in their daily routines are too focused on the serious roles they are playing and burdens they are carrying, often forget about the playfulness and carefree spirit of childhood.

(The Culture Board of the Riga City Council nominated Lemonade for the Riga Culture Award of the Year “Baltais Zvirbulis” (White Sparrow) and it won in the category “Co-operation project of the year 2005”.)


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